making money with affiliate marketing (amazon india)

10 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon India)

Maximize your income with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon India)

If you’ve ever searched the internet about the easiest ways to make money online or best ways to make money online, you would’ve heard about the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’’ and after reading about 100s of articles about it, you would’ve thought about giving it a try and eventually failing at it. But today, we are going to give you 10 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon India). Affiliate Marketing is easy if done in the right way with everything implemented properly but still it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and takes time and patience to get success.

So, coming to our question,

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate Marketing you just have to promote someone else’s products (you’re free from the hassle of creating your own products and marketing it), and when someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you sometimes generate up to 500% of the sale amount. This creates a win-win situation for everyone as the sellers get sales, affiliates get their commission and the consumer gets a great product. Always keep in mind to not cheat your audience and recommend them a product that’s not worth it because Affiliate Marketing is based on TRUST. If you lose it, you won’t be able to become a successful affiliate marketer ever.

Table of Contents

1. Signing up as an Amazon Associate

To start, first off, you need to sign up as an Amazon Associate.


When you get on the page, click on the Sign Up button in the middle of this image. You will need to login to your amazon account. After that, you will have to provide all the necessary details, like your bank account details etc. 

Then you will have to fill your domain and your mobile apps on the form given. 

You will have to fill in all the necessary details required by the forms and verify your account as well. You will have to choose your payment method and then start with creating your links. You need to create affiliate links for each product. 

Keeping in mind the following points, you can earn money with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon India). You need to specify your niche from the drop-down menu that appears and also specify your methods of promoting. Then, you can start earning money from Affiliate marketing with amazon India. 

2. Picking up your niche


Again, to attract people, you need to have an attractive niche. Look at it this way, if you don’t see something you are interested in, will you open it? No. So, you need to pick a niche you know about and can easily share your views on. You should be comfortable talking about your niche and should also have knowledge about it because you cannot create unique and captivating content if you do not know what you are writing about! 

If you like talking about video game consoles, you should not base your niche around books! If you really know a lot about video games, their consoles or stuff related to that niche, you can easily talk about it and present valid ideas which actually help others and impact their thinking. 

Remember, never rush the process of picking your niche. Analyse yourself and see what you like, what you want to talk about and then pick a niche according to that. 

Do not worry about attractive niches very much, because the world is full of people. There is no chance that there is no one else interested in the same topic as you! 

If you can’t decide which niche to pick, think about stuff you do on a daily basis.

Do you read a lot? Do you play games a lot? Or do you take care of household chores? If you think about what you do, you know what you are good at. And there you go! You already found your niche! 

3. Choosing your domain and Hosting


After signing up and choosing your niche, you need a place where you can make use of those links. You could start your own blogging website or a review site on the products related to your specific niche. 

Keep in mind that you pick a domain name that relates to your niche. Suppose, you want to use Affiliate links that you have created for shoes. If you know that your site will have a variety of shoes, you could choose domains which resemble your niche, like having ‘shoe’ come up in your domain so that it tells people what you provide them with. You cannot have shoes as your niche and have domains like ‘’ or ‘’ because they usually convey a different message to your audience and are irrelevant.

After you choose your desired domain, you should look for a good Hosting provider to get your site live. There are several hosting providers, but we actually recommend WPX Engine and Cloudways, Here, you can also look to buy your Hosting from our exclusive links and get a good discount! 

Having a good hosting provider is a must if you are looking to have a good website. You can also check our reviews on different hosting providers. Click here to check out blogs on Different hosting providers and choose for yourself! 

4. Install WordPress


If you do not know how to design a webpage, or coding to make an attractive website! WordPress is the best option for you! Why? Because with wordpress, you will not have to write a single line of code. All you have to worry about is designing the front end of your website, because wordpress does all the coding for you and you never even have to think about coding at all. 

WordPress also has a number of widgets and options which you can use to make your website as captivating and attractive as possible. You should also not forget to add the necessary plugins in wordpress. WordPress is very simple to learn. You can easily find hundreds of videos or courses on ‘How To Use WordPress’. If you don’t want to look for more videos, Watch This One Here! 

WordPress also has a great Hosting provider for its websites and there are a lot of other things that you can keep in check with the help of WordPress.

Even this site has been made with WordPress! If you’re thinking of starting it now, We strongly recommend you learn more about WordPress and carry on with it, if what you are looking for is a good and easy site to make.

5. Choosing the perfect theme for your amazon affiliate site


Are you already familiar with WordPress or are you new? It doesn’t matter! 

WordPress has a really good feature where you don’t have to do everything if you’re looking for a skeletal website! In this case, you will be looking to build kind of a blogging or review website. You can also think of making an ecommerce store, but that, in my opinion, would not be the ‘perfect’ choice.

As I was saying, WordPress has an excellent feature where it provides you with themes and plugins you can use for making your site’s skeletal and can edit according to your needs. There are many themes like GeneratePress (Best Choice for Bloggers), Astra, OceanWP. These themes are actually a great choice if you want to build a blogging site. You can also use free themes, they are not bad, but these Themes give you a lot more options and ease-of-use. 

WordPress is pretty simple to use but if you don’t want to make your own website and want it to be created by a professional, you can always hire a freelancer to make it for you! You could even contact us and we will help you with this process!

Contact Us Here if you want to! 

6. Developing your website around your niche


By now, you know how to choose your domain and use WordPress to build your site. If you skipped, go back! I’ll wait here! 

Now, after installing WordPress and installing a nice theme for your website, you should customize your site so that you can use it according to your specifications! If you want to learn about WordPress, Website Learners, actually helps a lot in this process.

You can add buttons, anchors and what-not and that too without coding! You should remember to customize your site around your niche and always stick to the topic. Never stray from the things you are talking about! 

You always want to keep your readers happy and satisfied! Provide them with good content and do it with happiness. 

Apart from this, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind. Always remember that you can never know everything. Always keep gathering information and reading about new and exciting things you can do! 

Another good thing that you with your website is optimizing it keeping your audience in mind. It never hurts to let your friends or family analyse your website and give you tips on how to improve. 

7. Creating unique content around different products in your niche


Once you know what you are about to do, you have the right means to do it, there is no use wasting time right? 

Start creating the content you always hope to find on the internet whenever you look up something new. If you review or compare products, you should be clear with your thoughts!

As one of my mentor’s used to say, “You cannot compare Bananas with Oranges.”

Always review and compare items which belong to your niche.

Let’s say that you chose PC accessories as your niche. If you did, then you should review keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones or any other accessories you deem necessary for this niche. 

You should then read about the product that you’re about to be reviewing. Don’t just copy-paste its specifications. Read the customer reviews and other comparisons. If you want to review it even better, you can even order that product and give more specific reviews and comparisons for that product! 

If you want to compare two headphones let say. Don;t compare entirely different headphones. See that they have a similar price range and specifications because there might be many people thinking about getting one of those two headphones at that particular time! Compare the two items as if you want to buy one of those two yourself. 

Never recommend things that the users are not going to like. Remember that they are the ones for whom you are doing this! 

Remember to make the Affiliate Link for that product beforehand, so that you don’t waste your time writing on products which are not even in the Amazon Affiliate Program. 

8. Arranging your content in specific categories


This might not seem a very immediate need, but arranging everything in a well presented manner actually helps a lot. 

This is something that each one of us knows. In your house, you keep the shoes separate from the utensils. But even though you keep them separately, you can never put either of them in the bathroom. Why so? Because everything looks nic where it belongs and it even makes it easier for you and others to find the stuff they need. 

Similarly, when you arrange your content for your audience, they can easily navigate through your website and find whatever they are looking for. This is the sole reason why you should put everything under categories. 

When you earn more, you’ll start to expand your site. More and more products will pile up on your site. What if you never categorise them? Is anyone going to waste their time searching for the thing they need? You already know the answer! If you categorise everything and in the right way, your users will be able to find the content of their liking within seconds! This is exactly what one needs, isn’t it? 

This is why you should never forget about categorizing your products under different categories. 

9. Getting indexed on different search engines with the best SEO practices

Getting Organic traffic is like an addiction and trust me I’m not joking. When you start getting organic traffic,  whatever leads or sales you get, totally goes into your profits


because you are not paying for any paid ads or something like that. To get organic traffic, your website needs to be indexed on different search engines and for that, you need to follow these steps:

Note:  For this post, I am only considering Google because it’s the biggest Search engine and signing up for Google search console is pretty easy.

First of all you have to go to the search console of that particular search engine (for this example let’s say Google)  and then you have to verify your ownership. After that, you would enter the search console dashboard. There you have to enter your website’s sitemap’s link. If you don’t know what a sitemap is, it’s basically a list of pages of a web site within a domain. 

To create a sitemap, you can use different plugins like Rank Math SEO (Recommended) , Yoast SEO, etc. These plugins also help you in improving the SEO of your website and making them more favourable for search engines.

10. Promoting your content on social media platforms


Again, you know that people are not going to just fly to your website. Even if you write good content, you need to reach out to the right audience so that they know about your website. Social Media presence is never a waste. People spend hours of their time on Social Media platforms. If you promote your website on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other site which has a lot of users, you can attract people to come and look up your website. 

If you want to learn how to promote your website on social media platforms, check out our other blog here! 

Social media platforms are a really great way to attract your target audience. But always remember, that you should actually do something different. If you provide them with just the basic content, they will never come back. Give them a reason to come back and check your website again! 

Ask yourself this one question, if you were a random person, would you have liked this? Would you be willing to keep up with more content like this? If it isn’t an immediate yes, then work on it harder! 


A. If you are new to this, you will need some time to get started but if you do things right, you can earn upto more than 1000$ a month.

A. Yes, the Amazon Affiliate program is completely free to join. You don’t have to pay them any money and can earn huge amounts of referral fees.

A. In my opinion, Amazon Affiliate is totally worth it and you should definitely look into it if it excites you. 

A. You should always make good quality unique content and then promote it. In this way, you attract more people and help them clear their thoughts.

If you’re new to blogging and want to learn it, you can attend our free blogging workshop from here. Or, if you want to know about more ways to make money online, consider reading this article. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter from here to be updated about the new methods of making money online and I hope you liked our post on making money with affiliate marketing (Amazon India)

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