How to Start a Vlog? [Detailed Guide for 2021]

How to Start a Vlog? [Detailed Guide for 2021]

Vlogging has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and hence watching vlogs has proven to be very satisfying to many people. It has become a popular source of income for those who have become successful in the field. You need to have one thing to keep in mind as a vlogger ie., your personality. Vloggers mostly create personality-driven content showing regular happenings in their life. 

In this blog, we will give you the best tips on how to start a vlog in 2021? 

People may think that vlogging is an easy task, after all, all you have to do is hold a camera in your hand and talk as if you are talking to a person through the camera. Although to some extent it is true, you need to plan your vlogs, write topics, scripts and take care of many more things. So let’s get started on how to make a vlog:



Researching is the key to success, research on vlogging channels that are successful and find the reasons behind their success. You need to take inspiration from successful vloggers in your niche.

Analyze what they do that makes them gain popularity, and come up with some creative ideas for your channel. Researching is also important for finding your niche and your target audience if you are thinking of how to start a vlog.

Research on the Youtube algorithm and find out which niches are the most algorithm-friendly and how the top dogs of the vlogging industry manage to control and use the algorithm to their advantage. Carefully examine the types of thumbnails that people are using and the titles of the videos, the catchier they are, the more views they get.

Brand your channel and make it uniquely yours.


This step is very important since it marks the beginning of your channel. This is the step where you make your channel and brand it according to your liking, come up with an interesting logo, and your intros, and taglines that are super unique and exclusive to yourself. In this way, you are going to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Most people overlook this step and stick with commonly used taglines and intros, and they do not put the effort into the external appearance of their channel. This results in the death of many channels posting quality content. These details will make your channel look legitimate and polished. Think of this carefully when you are planning on starting a vlog.

Understand Youtube creator studio:


Familiarize yourself with the youtube creator studio, and learn how to make good edits.

Poorly edited videos lead to low audience retention and hence it would result in your downfall. If you are planning on how to start a vlog, take that into consideration. There are many tutorials on how you can use YouTube creator studio, you can also do some courses for youtube editing which are made by professional editors.

If you do not want to focus on editing a lot, then You can hire editors on Fiverr to do this work for you, the only thing is that these editors make edits at a price, whereas you can do it for free on your own.

Tip: Take a look at the trending videos and content creators, this will give you an idea of how the algorithm works and what people are liking at that time

Invest in good gear:

Invest in gear that is of good quality, if you need to become a full-time vlogger, you will need to flex your budget and invest in some good gear, this gear should be feature-rich and of good quality, these should be taken into consideration when you are thinking of how to start a vlog on your own.The gear includes:


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Invest in cameras that have stabilization and are easy to carry around, but also have exceptional video quality. They do  not  need to be fancy or overpriced, a simple DSLR camera will do the job, in fact, some mobile phones are also capable of shooting great videos

Here are some recommended cameras that you can check out


microphone 1003561 1920

For a crisp audio quality, you will need to invest in some good microphones, again, these need to be light, and also be concealable, such as clip microphones. 

The microphones should also have noise cancellation if you are planning to vlog in louder places

Here are some recommended Microphones that you can check out

Camera gimbals/mounts

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You will need to have your own camera mounting stands so that you will get stable shots. 

Moreover, gimbals will come in handy when you are in a crowded area and will not be able to hold your camera still, although they are expensive, they are a good investment.

Here are some recommended Gimbals that you can check out


umbrella 463665 1920

To get exceptional video quality when making vlogs indoors, You will need to invest in lighting for your studio, umbrella lights are also a good investment, as only a couple of them can be enough to light up your entire filming area.

Here are some recommended lighting equipments that you can check out

Editing softwares

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Although looked over and taken for granted by many vloggers, good quality editing software will always come in handy.

Invest in software that has a lot of features and at the same time can export videos in great quality. Keep scrolling to read about this software in detail (we also have some awesome deals for you!)

Jot down what topics you want to cover and your approach to them:


Make a script on what topics you want to cover, this will save you a lot of time and keep you in routine for making your vlogs

Just make a rough outline of how to make the vlogs and what you want to cover In a topic.

We do not recommend reading what you have to say from a script, it will make the videos seem fake and monotonous, 

After all, what matters is that you are having fun making these videos.

Begin with recording:

Time to record!As we said earlier, once you have planned out everything, you can start recording yourself.To start off, you can make an intro for your channel.The key to how to make a vlog is that you have to start off slow, and you want to start with what makes you feel comfortable.Try to get more comfortable in front of a camera, you can do this by recording yourself in small videos of you just speaking, this will make you speak properly and feel more comfortable while recording yourself for the actual vlog.Keep in mind that you can do as many takes of your videos as you can, since you are not live or streaming on youtube, so try to be creative and have some fun while recording your videos. Remember, you can always cut out portions from your videos.Youtube isn’t all just about statistics and numbers, so do not run after views and subscribers.You need to remember that it is the content that matters, if you have good content, you will surely get a large audience.

Take out some time to edit your videos:

As we said earlier, you need to take some time for editing your videos. After all, it is the editing that will make your videos look polished.Editing is like a canvas for painting, if you have a bad canvas board, your painting will not stand out, the same goes for editing your videos. When thinking about how to start a YouTube vlog. You will need to learn how to be a good editor. You can also hire a good editor to do the work for you.Although it is easier, we do not recommend the second option. It is you and only you that will completely understand how you want your videos to look.

Here are some of the best editing softwares that vloggers all around the world use to edit their vlogs

Adobe Premiere Pro CC- this is a good software for editing if you are planning to edit 4k videos this is top-of-the-line editing software that will help you out in not only editing your vlogs but numerous other things. This is industry-standard editing. You will just need to pay a monthly installment of approx $21 per month. You can get it at a discounted price by clicking on this link provided by us below.

Optimizing your blog


When thinking of how to make a youtube blog, keep in mind that optimizing and uploading your video plays a key role in how your final result will look, youtube has a lot of options to mess around when you are planning to upload your vlog to youtube.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when thinking of how to start a youtube vlog


thumbnails are like the cover of the book. It is the first thing that people see when they look at your video, so you need to make it as impressive as you can so that people will want to click on it.But they should never be on the extreme end of the spectrum, they should not be clickbait, that is, posting content not relevant to your video at all, otherwise, you will not impress any viewers and hence it may result in your downfall.Here is an example of a good thumbnail-You can also get inspiration from other bloggers that are famous in your nicheAs we mentioned earlier, your approach on how to make a youtube vlog will be useless if you do not follow the next step,

Focus on your Video's Title


The title of a video is the heading that appears next to or below the thumbnail, and it is the most important thing if you want your video to rank higher in the youtube algorithm and higher up on people’s recommendations list(more on this later). The only way to understand this is to analyze other famous vloggers.

One thing that people do is use capital letters when writing the titles for their videos, although this might sound gimmicky, but it is very effective and catches the eye of many people.

So you could definitely try this out when you are planning on how to make a youtube vlog,

Focus on YoutTube SEO

As we mentioned in the lines said above, youtube has its own ranking system that is different but similar to google SEO.Youtube SEO is basically comprised of optimizing your channel, videos, playlists, etc to rank higher in the algorithmSEO basically includes all the aforesaid things, like thumbnails, descriptions, titles, etc.

Making the best out of the algorithm:


When you are planning on how to make a youtube vlog, you will want to make the best out of the algorithm and make use of all the different features that play a role in the ranking of your video.

As mentioned above,  just like when writing a blog, you will need to have a good SEO score to rank on youtube.

Basically, the higher your SEO percentage, the better (above 90% is ideal).

Here are some steps that you can take to improve your SEO score:

  • Titles that naturally contain the keywords(main words that youtube ranks videos on) of your niche are always better for youtube to rank your video on. when a person searches this keyword, youtube goes through all the videos that contain these words.
  • With the newly added feature of being able to use hashtags in your videos, you can rank even higher if you add hashtags relevant to your niche since  keywords used as hashtags are superior to keywords in the title of your video, so definitely research about  this feature when planning on how to make a vlog 
  • Captions in your videos also play a role in ranking in the youtube algorithm, you can ass hashtags, details about your videos, and even affiliate links in the captions, so definitely check out how to make the most of this feature.

Use Social Media to your Advantage :-


When making a youtube vlog, you can use social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to your advantage. Your social media accounts act as a backbone to your channel, they not only provide you with more audience, they can cover up your viewers if you are not ranking well enough in the SEO spectrum if you get high followers on these social media platforms.

There are many ways as to how you can make your social media accounts, they can be completely professional, and be only about your channel’s content, or they can be a personal account, an account where you not only promote and showcase your content but also post things about your own life.

We suggest trying both the methods out when planning to make a youtube vlog, although if you can, make accounts of both these types, so one account attracts traffic to the other and hence eventually to your youtube channel.

Usually, the second type of social media accounts is more successful.

When you gain popularity, you can also monetize your social media apps.

Here is a detailed blog on how to make a top-of-the-line professional social media account.

Use Youtube Analytics:


Youtube analytics is a very nice tool to keep a check on your views, subscribers, and many other statistics of your video when making a youtube vlog

This can be a lot of help to you since it can tell you what people are into the most. You can use this to change your content accordingly.

Tip: When starting out with making a youtube vlog, you can post about different topics in your niche and according to the analytics, you can analyze which topics get the most response from the viewers, and hence you can make your channel inclined more to those topics, definitely try this out when thinking of how to make a vlog.



Never give up!

Making a youtube vlog can take a lot of time, and it takes even more time to become successful.

Although some vloggers can become successful in a shorter period of time, it is not necessary that you will have the same speed of success. If you do not, then remember that many famous people had a rough start before reaching the position they are at, you need to stay vigilant. Remember, you need to have fun while making these vlogs and express yourself freely.

The key to success is to work hard, if you work hard, you will reap the fruits of success…

We hope you found this blog of good use to you!

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