How to Make Money Online in India for students without any Investment (13 Ways)

Do you want to know how to make money online in India for students without any investment ? Then you’re at the right place.

The Year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride so far, and millions of businesses have been affected by this global pandemic but there was only one field that had exponential growth in these tough times and they were Online Businesses. This graph is estimated to continue rising at the same rate in upcoming years and that’s why this is the best time to start your own online business in India as a student in 2020.

Always keep in your mind that nothing in life can be achieved without investment and this investment can be done in two ways. Either you’ll invest more time, or you’ll invest more money. In this blog, we will discuss how to make money online in India for students without any investment and read the blog till the end to get all information on where to get started, earning potential, etc.

Table of Contents

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is an amazing way to generate active income online. It was one of the first ways with which I was successful in making money online at the age of 13. Currently, I’m 16 and I’m earning a decent income by freelancing.

As a freelancer, you offer different kinds of services to people based on your skills and the best thing is that you can work on multiple projects for multiple clients at a time and these clients can be from foreign countries and hence you also have the advantage of getting paid in currencies having values much higher than the Indian currency. You are paid on a per hour or per task rate as a freelancer and you are your own boss so you can decide your own rates and work at your own schedule. The best thing is that there are many established platforms where you can search and apply for freelance jobs like :-

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. Guru
  5. Truelancer
  6. Legiit 
Here’s a free freelancing course in Hindi which can help you get started with your freelancing journey :

2. Blogging


 If you’re passionate about something or you have a hobby, you can create a blog about it and make thousands of dollars from it. It’s really easy to create a professional blog nowadays with softwares like WordPress which give you full customization options without writing even a single line of code. You will have to write some search-engine friendly content and then you’ll have to maintain consistency in your content and after some months, your blogs will start getting ranked on Google and different search engines. 

After you start getting a decent amount of traffic, you can monetize that traffic with Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Promotions (Sponsorships), etc. If you want to start blogging without investment, you can start your blogging journey with

But if you’re really serious about blogging, we highly recommend you to invest in a good hosting and domain. Speed is a really important factor while creating your website and Search Engines also rank websites based on their speed. We recommend getting a hosting that is affordable and really fast. If you’re thinking of starting your own store or blog, we’ll recommend you to get your WordPress hosting from Hostinger (WordPress shared hosting – INR 59/month) or Cloudways (Managed WordPress Hosting for just $10 a month

You can join our FREE Blogging Workshop to learn about blogging, content writing, SEO, etc and if you implement everything told in the workshop successfully, you’ll never search for how to make money online in india for students without any investment.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine if I told you that you don’t have to create a product or sell it or do any of the hard work but still you can make a specific amount of commission when someone buys that product.

Yes, you guessed it right.

That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is, you just have to promote someone else’s products, and when someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you sometimes generate up to 500% of the sale amount. This creates a win-win situation for everyone as the sellers get sales, affiliates get their commission and the consumer gets a great product. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to start making money online. Top affiliate marketers make more than a million dollars per year. You can start your own blog, youtube channel, medium blog to start promoting affiliate products.

Some of the best affiliate programs include click funnels affiliate program, Siteground affiliate program, etc. 

4. Youtube


The digital world is accelerating its growth in this modern world. One of the most famous and popular ways for students to make money online is by starting a Youtube channel.  If you target the right audience and come up with good content, you can become a huge YouTuber and make money with it.

You should have a clear mindset as to what you have to do to make it big! Aside from the money you get paid by Youtube, you can also partner up with companies and easily earn money from the ads you post on your channel. If you’re a gaming streamer, you can also use a concept of Fan Funding, where your watchers help you serve them better content. You can also do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube, where you can sell the products of other companies and earn your commission!

Did You Know: An 8-Year-old boy, Ryan Kaji generated over $26 million with Youtube in 2019 and was the Highest Earning Youtuber of 2019 by just reviewing toys and similar stuff for kids.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily earn money online on youtube without investing money anywhere.

5. Start A Podcast


If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, all you need is a mic. That is It! Just sit with a bottle of warm water and you’re ready to go about expressing your opinions on topics you like. Podcasts also require negligible or minimal investment to start and can turn over a large amount of money over a brief period of time and smartphones these days have developed mics that can also be used for making podcasts. You can ask companies to sponsor your podcast or partner up with companies to sell their products through your podcast. Given the right direction and effort, your podcast can make it big in absolutely no time!

You must have definitely heard of Audiobooks! A lot of podcasts have started preparing audiobooks which is also a really smart way to earn money online! All of us like reading books, but the concept of listening to the exact same book, with great expressions and a soothing voice is not new but definitely still booming in the market!

Apart from earning money with this, you also get to do what you love and get a chance to express your beautiful thoughts to the whole world, which is clearly better than earning money any day!

So if this is something you enjoy, start it right away!

6. Sell A Course

online courses

Let’s say that you don’t know the meaning of a word, what do you do? Simple. You search for it on the internet! Similarly, what if you don’t know how to play the piano, or to code programs in python? You search for it on, that’s right, the Internet!

Online courses are really a great way to make money online for Indian students. You just teach people absolutely anything you are good at and Voila! You earn money!

I am also a pianist and even though I JUST made a course, I have earned over 400$ from it! There are many sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Udacity where you can make and sell courses. Again, all you need to do is know what you’re good at and you can go about sharing your talents with everyone! You need not be an expert, for in the niche you are creating a course on, you just need to know the correct practical approach for that specific niche.

You need to make sure that your course looks nice. It should be represented in such a way that the consumer is immediately motivated to buy your course.


1) Never sway from the topic. Always be on point and don’t waste any time.

2) Make sure that you serve a good quality video. No one likes watching a blurry video with a distorted voice

Keeping these things in mind, you can become a well-known seller for online courses and you can easily earn money with the help of your talents!

7. Start A Facebook Group Around A Niche

facebook group

Being a teenage student in the 21st Century, you already know most of the things about social sites like Facebook and Instagram. But did you know that you can also monetize Facebook groups and pages to earn money from the comfort of your living room? Yes, you can easily start monetizing your Facebook Group.

If you make a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group around a niche (a particular topic), you need to target the specific audience to get more and more members added to your group. Once you have a good number of members, you can either contact companies or if you’ve grown really big, companies might also contact you! Getting companies to post their advertisements on your group or page helps you monetize your page as you can get those companies to pay you for posting their ads on your page! Also, Affiliate Marketing is also very common and a very profitable way of monetizing your Facebook Group. 

Given the right marketing, and the right target audience, you can easily earn money online. 

All you have to care for is posting the content that your members like and keeping them entertained. With just a simple technique, it’s possible for you to earn money online without having to invest even a penny!

8. Grow An Instagram Page

instagram page

Much like Facebook Groups, you can also monetize Instagram Pages to earn money online. For this, you need to create a great page that engages your audience. It can be a meme page, or a motivational page or any other specific niche which you have knowledge about. You need to attract people towards your page and gather a lot of users.

If you have a page about dog lovers, for example, you can contact the dog-food companies to post their ads on your page, or any other animal-related companies as most of the people on your page will have similar interests in buying those products. Affiliate links are one of the best ways you can get people to buy those companies’ products through your page and earn money. All the companies are targeting social media audiences to increase their sales and you can help them and even earn lots of money online!

Monetizing Instagram Pages is also really simple and a very profitable business idea because you get returns with negligible investment. You can also partner up with specific companies and promote their products for which you can get paid. 

If you think you have a good marketing and social sense, you can easily make money with this.

9. Work As A Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

If you have a good internet connection and have a lot of time to spare in a day, you can also work as a Virtual Assistant to any official of a company. There are many companies that hire teenagers to work as virtual assistants. 

Everybody knows who J.A.R.V.I.S is? The Virtual Assistant of Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark who handled all of his schedule? Similarly, imagine yourself in J.A.R.V.I.S’ seat. You will have to do all the jobs an assistant does (apart from bringing bagels or making faxes), and you will also get paid to do them. 

Working as a Virtual Assistant pays but you also get a lot of experience and get to learn about how a company is functioning. This experience also helps you to work on your social skills as well as develops your attitude. 

If you think that you are good at human relations, then this is definitely the right way for you to earn money online and gain experience in this particular field!

10. Stock Photography

Stock Photography

If photography is your passion, why not, turn your passion into your job and earn from it. Stock Photography is basically, clicking photos and selling them to different companies to earn money. It is not like taking a walk in the park but, if you’ve got a talent for clicking photos, it can be the right job for you! Stock photography works because, let’s say you want to get a nice picture of a cute dog for your website. If you get an option to buy an image for 50 cents or to hire a photographer to click pictures of a model dog, which one would you choose? Obviously, the first one! 

You should be able to upload high-resolution pictures. That’s all! You can click pictures of random things you like. The trash you see on the roadside, the small beggars you see running on the sidewalks, or Queen Elizabeth herself! All of these are ideas for stock photos. If you want to be in this long-term, you should consider macrostock photography, where the company employs you and sells exclusive pictures to the clients. Otherwise, you should get into microstock photography, which is short-term and a part-time job to earn money online here and there. Some of the best platforms you can get started as a photographer to make money are Shutterstock which pays you royalties as soon as someone downloads your image from their platform.

11. Become A Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast field in itself and there are a lot of ways you can make money online in India as a digital marketer. Every fifth video you see on Youtube has an ad of someone telling you to buy a digital marketing course from them. So, is digital marketing really worth it?

The short answer is YES, absolutely. You can’t become a good digital marketer by just learning about it in theory, you have to apply all those concepts practically, to be considered a good one. As a digital marketer, you can help a business increase its reach online by either sending organic or paid traffic (through ads) to them. You also have to monitor their growth and create more strategies through which the company gets maximum growth and profits. Digital marketers like Neil Patel, Digital Prateek, etc generate a lot of revenue just through digital marketing. And that’s just not it, learning digital marketing is a really important skill in the modern world where everything from food to houses can be bought online. You can watch the free digital marketing course by Ankurr Agarwal on Youtube in order to get started.

12. Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing afgency

Every business is recognizing the potential of social media so they are finding ways to grow themselves.  Initially, the companies used social media as an advertising tool, but later they recognized its reach seeing the number of people using these platforms. These days’ companies are hiring Agencies to manage their Social Media handles which look into the growth of the companies. The demand for such Agencies has increased amid the global pandemic which changed everything and led to the advancement of the world into the online scene. An individual with good experience can manage such an agency by themselves. You can learn about Account Management, Customer Service, Advertising & Handling Account Growth to get started with your own Social Media Marketing Agency! To get clients, you can create your own website with WordPress, or an Instagram or Facebook page for your service.


13. Online Teaching/Consultation

online taching

Online teaching is the method of teaching others through the internet. This includes video calls, webinars, recorded content. These days you can easily sign up for teaching your skills on websites like Byju’s, Whitehat jr, Unacademy, etc. It is a great method of earning while bringing changes to people’s lives.

The best part about online teaching is that you can teach any subjects to the students in which you excel. These include academics, programming, sports, music, dancing, etc.

To teach online, you must be capable of working with computers and laptops as all the work revolves around videos, audio lectures, and pdfs. 

Another good thing about online teaching is that you are your own boss as you can decide when you want to teach and for how much time you want to teach. Teaching in an Institution is very stressful and hard when compared to online teaching where you can work from the comfort of your sofa.

Salaries in online teaching can range from Rs.300 to Rs.1000 per hour. If you have some knowledge on some topics in which companies would be interested, like financial planning, digital growth handling, they are willing to pay good amounts for consultations which, too, are a really good method for making money online.


We hope that this article solved your question "How to Make Money Online in India for students without any Investment ?"

All of these above-mentioned ways are very helpful in earning money online for students. But, you should also have some knowledge about the field you are about to progress in to ensure that you just don’t waste time.

Managing these activities and also studying for most students can also be made simple by following a well-planned time-table. But all these jobs are very optimal as you get to choose your own working hours and the effort you want to put into it.

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