Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021: FLAT 40% Off for 3 months! [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]

Get FLAT 40% off for 3 months on all hosting plans from Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021. Cloudways is one of the best managed hosting providers giving you HUGE DISCOUNTS! What more can you ask for?

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Cloudways is a Top-Tier Hosting Service Provider and they have earned this reputation through their outstanding support and services. This year we have an awesome deal for you where you will get 40% off for three months on buying a Hosting from the link given below!

How to claim Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021?

1. Click here to grab this deal

2. On this landing page, click on Start a Free Trial

Cloudways black friday deals 2020 signup step1

3. Now, you have to sign up and enter this promo code “BFCM40” to get 40% OFF. After this select the plan you want and enjoy the 40% off on your billing! 

Cloudways black friday deals 2020 signup step2
4. After you’ve entered the promo code, click on the Start Free button and then select your desired plan and do the payment and BINGO! You’re done

Don’t waste any more Time in Thinking as this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, click the button below to claim your discount

Apart from this, Cloudways has a number of basic services which it provides to all of its customers. All of us come across confusions while choosing among different things of the same king. Keeping this in mind, Cloudways has started giving 3-Day Free Trials to its customers, so that you get to test the speed of their provided hosting. Personally, their managed hosting is one of the best you could use because :-
Cloudways also gives you a free SSL certificate and their CDN makes caching  like a breeze. This way you can easily secure your website.If these reasons were not enough for anybody to get Cloudways as their Hosting provider, they also offer free migration to their customers and they also have a 24*7 customer support and personally I’ve tried contacting them many times through the live chat feature and their support was really great and prompt.
If you’re still wondering why you should choose Cloudways, here is a detailed explanation of its services.

Pay As You Go

You only have to pay for the resources you consume and not buy all of their services beforehand.If you go to a restaurant, you never pay for food before you order and eat. Similarly, unlike other sites, Cloudways bills you for the resources you use and thus, you save a lot of money. Here is a detailed chart showing the benefits of cloudways black Friday discount including the discounted prices.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 Core processor
  • 25 GB storage
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 Core processor
  • 50 GB storage
  • 2 TB bandwidth
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 Core processor
  • 80 GB storage
  • 4 TB bandwidth
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 Core processor
  • 160 GB storage
  • 5 TB bandwidth
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 6 Core processor
  • 320 GB storage
  • 6 TB bandwidth
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 8 Core processor
  • 640 GB storage
  • 7 TB bandwidth
DO192GB [Maximum]
  • 192 GB RAM
  • 32 Core processor
  • 3840GB storage
  • 12TB bandwidth

24/7 Customer Support

Cloudways cares a lot about its customers and provides a wide-range of customer support. This is a very good thing as your problems get solved pretty quickly!

Free Migration

Cloudways migrates your site’s domain for free. Whenever you choose Cloudways, you never have to pay even a cent to migrate your site from your former hosting provider to Cloudways’ Hosting.

Free SSL Certificates

Cloudways help you to secure your website by helping you get easy installing SSL certificates for absolutely no cost. Having an SSL certificate is as important as having clothes to wear as it’s really important for SEO and search engines don’t rank websites that don’t have a SSL and Cloudways helps you install a free SSL in a single click.

No Lock-In

Cloudways does not bind its customers in contract. As a customer, you are free to change your hosting provider anytime you want to. If you ever feel dissatisfied with Cloudways’ service, you can change your Hosting Provider that instant and this is an evident point to prove the trustworthiness of Cloudways Hosting.


Cloudways has implemented a  lot of security features. These features ensure that that your server remains safe and they implement as much safety and security as they can! Cloudways protects your hosting with the help of OS-Firewall. Cloudways shows how it cares for its customers through these efficient services and ensures the best service for you.

All these services give a lot of freedom to Cloudways’ customers and the deals they offer are no less. So if you have to get a reliable Hosting Provider for your domain, Click Here!

Cloudways’ super fast servers boost your site’s speed, which is really important for any site on the internet. 

Cloudways offers great affordable prices and combined with Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2021, you get a great bargain! Do remember to use our promo code to activate your discount! 

Cloudways Black Friday Deal : FLAT 40% Discount for 3 Months on All Hosting Plans

Cloudways Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Promo Code: BFCM40

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A) Cloudways servers are really fast and hence, improve your site’s loading time. Their customer service is unparalleled and their Hosting plans come at great affordable prices and our website too is using Cloudways as our hosting.

A) Their basic plans start at 10$/month, but Cloudways Black Friday sale gives you the opportunity to get it at only $6. 


A) Cloudways uses automated backups which can be scheduled according to you and you can restore backups anytime you want.

A) Yes! Cloudways provides a free migration on all its hosting plans .

A) To get a Cloudways Hosting, just click on the Click Here and choose your desired plan.

A) Yes, Cloudways has their own CDN and they provide a powerful caching plugin, Breeze for wordpress which improves your website’s loading time by a ton. Cloudways CDN can be activated with just a single click.

Conclusion of Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021

To conclude, Cloudways Hosting Provider is a very reliable and trusted brand in the market. Having thousands of happy clients, Cloudways has made its mark in this business. Buying a Cloudways hosting is profitable enough, but buying it during the Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021 is like getting one of the best deals for a Hosting for your website.  Cloudways offers you a ton of free services and their top-notch customer service just makes it much easier for you. Whether it’s security, speed, support or price, Cloudways excels in each and everyone of these. This deal can’t get any better, just click the button below and claim your discount!

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