Free Blogging Workshop! By Suyash Patel

Sign up for the free 1-month long online Blogging Workshop, where you will learn about the ins and outs of Blogging, Content Writing, SEO and Affiliate Marketing starting from 18th November.

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Are any of you guys content writers or wanting to start a new blog in the near future? I’m opening up a blog on my website www.techtreon.com and if anyone of you are interested and want to learn content writing, marketing, SEO, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Here you’ll learn everything practically with me and that too for FREE! The only requirement is You Should  understand English, let me know if you’re ready.


1) You’ll have a diverse well written portfolio which you can share with your clients

2) You’ll get an opportunity to work with me side by side and learn many things

3) I’ll develop my blog in front of you and you can also start your own blog at the same time and we will have regular 40 mins to 1 hour classes where we’ll learn about the SEO field, content writing etc

4) I’ll tell you how you can use these skills to make money via freelancing, ads, affiliate marketing, etc

5) Regular question & answer sessions with me

6) You’ll learn how to research on topics and in this 1 month you’ll become a professional content writer/blogger. FREE OF COST.

We Will be starting on 18th of November after Diwali 


1) Exceptional performers may be hired as paid content-writers.

2) Get 30 minutes one-on-one free consultation call with me.