16 Youtube Channel Ideas to Make Money in 2021

16 Youtube Channel Ideas to Make Money

YouTube experiences a monumental number of users every day. Starting a YouTube channel is not a bad idea if you think that you can provide people with good content and add some value to their lives.

But, choosing a niche for a YouTube channel is a tedious task if you don’t know the ins and outs of the platform.

Hence, here are 16 YouTube Channel Ideas that might interest you to start your own YouTube channel!

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1. Vlogging Channel

start a vlogging channel on youtube
Vloggers are all over the place. From a museum to a waterpark, you name it!
Vlogging Channels are actually really popular these days. People vlog about their trips, their daily routines, or absolutely anything that they might find worth content worthy.

You should check different types of vloggers out there! An Indian Vlogger, Flying Beast, is really popular amongst Indian users.

To make a vlog, all you need is a camera and nothing else. Even if you do not want to carry a camera, you can easily make vlogs with your phone!

Almost all the youtubers out there, make vlogs using their smartphones having a good camera quality,

According to my, if you want to vlog using a phone, that phone should have, first of all, a decent camera, and two other important things, sustainable battery life and LOTS of storage!

Your vlogs need to be relatable for the audience that you target. They can be about normal stuff like any goofy thing that you might do in your house, or some trip that you take, or even normal hair and make-up.

You can choose any topic that you are comfortable with and start hustling! You can learn more about how to start a profitable vlogging channel here

2. Cooking Channel

cooking youtube channel idea
Making a Cooking Channel is also a very great youtube Channel Idea. 
You know already what you are going to do if you make a cooking channel! You can make different dishes and add their recipes with your videos.
Cooking channels are popular among those who like to cook exotic dishes, as well as those who do not even know how to make scrambled eggs, although I have to stand guilty of the latter.

Anybody who likes to spend their time cooking can start making videos when they do it and earn money from it.

3. Travelling Channel

travelling youtube channel idea
Traveling Channels are also seen a lot in the trending section. All peripatetics can make traveling youtube channels.
Your videos might be similar to vlogs as you will be recording most of your journey and then editing the clips to make a good video, but in this case, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic of your videos along with details that are important to a person who travels a lot.

Before uploading your videos on your YouTube Channel, you need to spend time editing them and make your videos catchy.

People make travel channels where they either travel for the scenery or to try exotic food dishes.

4. How-to Videos

how to youtube channel idea

There are a lot of channels on YouTube that make How-To videos.

As you can see above, there are a lot of possible How-To videos, all of very different kinds.

You can impart your knowledge on How-To videos to help others and also explore a vast variety of things that can be done.

How-To videos have no limitations. You can search ‘How to play guitar’ or something entirely different like ‘How to fix a cricket bat’.

There are a lot of people who use this YouTube Channel Idea for their channel.

How-to videos are really helpful and many people benefit from such videos in times of need.

If you think that you are more than qualified in your knowledge about a particular thing, you can make how-to videos on it and benefit from this YouTube Channel Idea.

5. Gaming Channel

gaming youtube channel idea
What is there to say about a Gaming Channel on YouTube. Lately, These channels have bombarded almost every user’s suggestion list.
This is a Youtube Channel Idea that has actually dominated the Youtube Industry for quite some time now.
Great YouTubers like Mr. Beast Gaming, Dream, Shroud have become so popular because of the Gaming Channels that more than half of the youth in our world know about them.

The Gaming Industry is really attractive for a lot of people as they play those games themselves.

Sometimes, people just like watching their light videos and busting their stress.

PewDiePie is currently the most popular gaming channel as of April 2021.

Apart from this, there are many channels that upload gaming montages, stream their gameplay live, and join gaming tournaments. 

Making a Gaming Channel is a very beneficial YouTube Channel Idea where you actually just play games to make money.

Now, who does not want to play games and enjoy!

6. Unboxing/reviewing

unboxing youtube channel idea
Unboxing Channels are also very popular nowadays.
Let’s suppose that you want to buy something online. If you want to buy a smartphone, you might search for it on YouTube.

Reviewing Channels test and review those items and provide you with their point of view.

After you have an honest review about that item, you can either check more such videos, or make up your mind on whether to buy that particular item or not.

There are many popular unboxing/reviewing channels in India, the most popular amongst them is Technical Guruji.

Apart from tech review channels, there are also Review Channels for Beauty products, sports goods, or any other product that people might need honest knowledge about apart from the producer.

This is also a YouTube Channel Idea that can be undertaken by many people.

7. Animal Channels

animals/pets youtube channel idea

All of us have seen Animal Planet or National Geographic once in our lives. A lot of people are fascinated by clips of different types of animals.

There are a number of youtube channels that upload such videos.

The videos that are uploaded by these channels can be informational, general knowledge related, or even funny.

As you can see that there are a lot of possible videos that can be made on animals.

I, myself, enjoy watching cute and funny animal videos as they are very light and often help me relax.

YouTube Channel Ideas have a lot of differences between them but each of them has its own uniqueness.

There is one more thing that you need to keep in mind if you want to make an Animal Channel.

It is that you yourself should be interested in the same things because if you do not, then you will feel like you are only working. But you need to enjoy what you do in order to provide your watchers with the content that they will also like.

8. Sports/Fitness Channels

fitness youtube channel idea
Sports or Fitness Channels do not need any introduction.
I myself, being a fitness freak, often consider the videos uploaded on these channels.
People of all age groups, be it a young athlete, or an old woman, all need to keep themselves in shape and as fit as they can.
Fitness Channels educate the people about which exercises to do for a specific task, like muscle growth or losing body fat.
They also often suggest which routine to follow, which diet to implement, and the correct way to work hard to achieve maximum gains.
These channels also guide people to the correct method of doing particular exercises.
Suppose there is an exercise that you think that you are perfect at, whereas you might be doing it completely wrong!
Such channels, when you see their videos, often help you correct the way you do certain exercises in this case.

There are a lot of YouTube Channel Ideas like these, but if there is one thing that one should keep in mind is only if they enjoy making the type of videos they make.

If you love what you do, then only will others love your work. 

This is also a very considerable YouTube Channel Idea for beginners.

9. Musical Channels

music youtube channel idea

Everyone likes listening to music right? Who doesn’t?

If everyone likes to hear their own type of music, why shouldn’t there be any music channels on YouTube?
This is exactly why there are thousands of music artists who have their own YouTube Channels.
Even music channels have no limitations. There are literally, if not fewer, HUNDREDS of different types of music. Everybody likes at least one of those.
So you only have to compose the music that you like.
Do not worry. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who will be into your music if you’ve got the talent!
This is actually a very basic tree of the most popular music genres.
If you’re thinking about pursuing this YouTube Channel Idea, then you might need to buy a good microphone for singing, even a good pc for editing your videos.

If you might be interested in buying some specific stuff related to your microphone or your pc, you should check out the following items.

10. Motivational Channel

motivation youtube channel idea
In today’s times, Motivational Videos are what most of the people need the most.
There are lots of motivational speakers who come on TED Talks or lots of other platforms that inspire people to work harder to achieve their goals in life and become successful.
Ted Talks are one of the most inspiring motivational channels that are out there.
People who have a knack for speaking and working hard can easily become motivational speakers.
There are lots of people who are speakers par excellence and can influence a lot of people only with their tongues.

Motivational speakers need to be confident in what they say and believe what they say so that they can be considered credible for the stuff that they address.

11. Online Business

online business youtube channel idea
Online businesses are booming right now. There are a lot of YouTube Channels that promote and undertake online businesses.
Even Tech Treon has a Channel on YouTube!
This is actually a YouTube Channel Idea that benefits the owner in two ways, firstly through YouTube and secondly, through the promotion of their Online Business.
There are a lot of Online Business YouTube Channel ideas like promoting your own startup, or a tech app, or physical business ideas as well.
These type of YouTube Channels also offer great outreach to one’s specific target audience and this niche can make you a lot of money.

12. Reaction Channel

reaction youtube channel idea
Reaction Channels are more or less recreational Channels.
People usually watch a movie or a TV Show, and film their reactions and thoughts as they watch it.
This Channel Idea has become very common and there are a lot of users who pursue this.
You must have read about Unboxing/Review Channels above, reaction channels might be considered a little similar to those.

These channels not only help one develop their thoughts on a particular movie or TV Show but also help them become familiar with a different point of view.

13. Do-It-Yourself

Do it yourself youtube channel idea
If you use social media account like Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen a lot of %-minute craft videos, right?
Do-It-Yourself or DIY videos are actually the same videos. They might take you more than 5 minutes but they still get the job done easily and well in time.
There are a number of DIY videos that one can make.

All these videos have a basic motive of helping the users by introducing them to simple life hacks that they can use to make their work easier than it already is.

14. Beauty Channel

beauty youtube channel idea
There are many Beauty Channels on this platform.
The beauty of such Beauty Channels is that they only require you to be good at make-up and using other beauty products.
Most of the beauty channels upload videos regularly and often use and review beauty beauty products.

To start a beauty channel, you need to make sure that you have a good camera so that you can capture specific things clearly, and you should also be good at the make-up of course.

15. Animation

animation youtube channel idea
There are a number of Animation Channels on Youtube. Usually, people make short animation videos and upload them on Youtube.
Making Animation videos is neither too easy, nor too difficult. It all depends on your creativity. It’s like bringing your world of imagination to life.

You can also upload animation videos if you are good at editing.

16. Podcast Channel

podcast youtube channel idea
Podcasts are the future. Now, what is there to say about podcast channels! This is a YouTube Channel Idea that interests a lot of users.
Just like people make podcasts, you can refer to our blog here, people can also make podcast channels where they upload the podcasts on YouTube.
The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you include your face in your face.
This is not mandatory, but very beneficial as users when they see your facial expressions relate a little bit more with you and hence engage more with your videos.
Podcasts can also be of very different types. They can be simple, light-hearted podcasts, or motivational podcasts, or funny podcasts.

The genre of your podcast depends entirely on your choice.

Conclusion on Youtube Channel Ideas

In conclusion to this blog, I would just like to say that there are, if not more, more than thousands of YouTube Channel Ideas that one might think of and more than thousands of viewers for each!
This is the reason why one should always follow what they like so as to make good content videos, irrespective of the genre they choose because if the content if one’s videos is good, they will surely get what they deserve!

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